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Insulated Conservatory Ceilings

The Conservatory Insulation System that will again transform your conservatory into a space that you can all year round.

The problem with most conservatories is that they are too hot in the summer and too cold in the winter. Also when it rains the noise can are unbearable this is why an insulated conservatory ceiling installed by Pro Build Conservatories can solve these problems.

Our system can be installed on glass or polycarbonate conservatories also any size and style edwardian, victorian etc.

You will be very pleased with the difference this system will make to how you use your conservatory year round. It will feel like a room that was always part of your home with a comfortable temperature throughout the year so you can actually use it, and enjoy with your family.

With the Insulated Ceiling System you can:

  • SAVE up to 90% from heat loss in the winter
  • Create a COOL room in the summer
  • Stop FADING on furniture from excessive sunlight
  • REDUCE that annoying rain noise
  • SAVE money on heating bills

The Installation Process

Step 1: 

Your existing conservatory roof is checked for leaks or any external problems that could cause water to get in. These are fixed prior to your insulated ceiling being installed. 

Step 2:

We install a treated timber subframe directly onto the underside of your existing roof beams. We have great expertise and knowledge in installing insulated ceilings and take great care to make sure all the joists are carefully cut to size for a perfect job.

Step 3:

Unique 19 layer insulated quilt is installed to cover the entire underside of the conservatory ceiling. This unique, total energy efficient quilt, is designed specifically for insulating conservatory roofs and is fully compliant with building regulations and fire retardant and certificated.

Step 4:

A second treated timer subframe is fitted which will provide a secure fixing for the insulated PVCu shiplap cladding or plasterboard that will form the beautifully crafted internal ceiling.

Step 5:

We will then fit the PVCu shiplap or plasterboard which will then be plastered. Your ceiling will follow the existing pitch and design of your existing roof to maximise space and also maintain the design and feel of your conservatory.

The end result is a room you can use comfortably all year round. Warm in Winter and Cool in Summer.

We are the South East’s leading installer of fully guaranteed Conservatory Insulation Systems.

We offer the widest range of finishes and every installation is carried out by one of our team of dedicated, fully qualified tradesmen.

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Insulated Conservatory Ceilings FAQ

Will your insulated conservatory ceiling keep the temperature in my conservatory down in summer, or does it only help keep it warm in winter?

It will do both very well. Between the underside of your existing conservatory roof and the UPVc/ Plasterboard ceiling we install the 19 layer slim multi foil insulation made up of multiple reflective and thermally insulating layers, with all layers and exterior surfaces thermally welded together. This highly efficient insulator stops heat from escaping in winter, keeping your conservatory warm. Then, in summer, it both reflects away the sun, and prevents warm air from outside from raising the temperature inside your conservatory.

Would a Conservatory Insulation System reduce the noise from the elements etc?

Yes. The lining material we use not only provides superb thermal insulation; it provides an excellent sound insulation too. This is because of the sandwiching of seven layers of material inside a welded ‘pack’, with one of these layers consisting of encapsulated air pockets. With your new ceiling installed, both the sound of rain and hail impacting directly on the roof, and the noises made by traffic, planes and other external noise will both be reduced. 

Does a Conservatory Insulation System affect the external appearance of a conservatory? 

Firstly, nothing is actually altered on the exterior of your conservatory in any way. If you have a conservatory with a clear glass roof and look down into it, you will see a flat expanse of neutrally coloured ceiling lining, which looks similar to the appearance of a ceiling blind. If you have a translucent polycarbonate roof, you will see almost no difference at all if you look down into the conservatory, as the neutral ceiling lining will make little or no change to the diffuse appearance of the polycarbonate. 

Can you install my Conservatory Insulation System in a day?

We can. All our conservatory ceiling installations are completed in one day. Two of our installers will complete most sizes and shapes of conservatory in that time, but if you have an unusually large conservatory then we simply send more fitters. Whatever happens, your new ceiling will be in by the end of the day. The only reason that it may not not be done in a day is the fact that you have chosen a plastered finish in this situation the plasterer would come in the following day. 

My Conservatory Insulation System won’t help solve my condensation problem will it?

Condensation occurs when warm, moist air, such as that in your conservatory, rises and hits a cold surface, such as the roof of your conservatory. The warm air condenses on the cold surface, forming moisture. our 19 layer insulation material forms a barrier that prevents the warm air in your conservatory from condensing on the roof and, as it provides such an excellent thermal barrier above the new ceiling panels, it prevents them from ever being cold enough for vapour to condense on. 

What kind of a guarantee do I get? 

We guarantee the workmanship of our installation for 10 years. Plus you get an insurance backed guarantee from the IWA which gives you full deposit and workmanship guarantee. 

How much does a Conservatory Insulation System cost? 

Naturally, this depends on the size and style of your conservatory. If you would like a quote, please use our text quote service. Take a pic of the inside of your conservatory. Measure the length and width of your conservatory as accurately as you are able and tell us the style, if you know it. This could be lean-to, Edwardian or Victorian, say. If it has an unusual shape floor plan, try to tell us the overall floor area, which you can usually work out by treating the plan as a number of rectangles joined together and then text it through to the mobile number on our website. As soon as we have this information from you, we will work out a quote and email this back to you. |f you prefer, we offer a Free No obligation quotation service where one of our friendly representatives can visit you and give best advise and also a written quote.

Features & Benefits

An insulated ceiling is the perfect solution for keeping a conservatory Warm in Winter and Cool in Summer

Temperature Control

A unique 19 Layer Insulation Quilt with a U Value of 0.12 is installed along with a beautiful maintenance free Upvc ceiling.

An insulated ceiling stops any heat from leaving Through the conservatory roof reducing fuel bills and keeping the conservatory cosy and warm in the winter.

Quick Installation

An insulated ceiling is generally installed within 1 day unless you are opting for the plastered ceiling this would need to be plastered the following day. This means there is minimum disruption in terms of installation. The original roof remains in place, but undergoes a thorough external service to ensure that the roof is air and watertight, with any minor repairs undertaken before the insulated ceiling is installed.

Noise Nuisance Reduction

An insulated ceiling removes the noise nuisance of rain almost completely making sure the room is a comfortable space to watch TV, Dine, Relax or Enjoy whatever the weather. 

No Glare From The Sun

Glare from the sun is removed completely by installing an insulated ceiling. This means the room can be used for watching TV or reading without the nuisance of sun glare.

No Fading Furniture

An insulated ceiling stops the sun from pouring in through the roof during Summer months so ensures the room is comfortable to use for any purpose and there will be no fading of furniture.

The insulation system is fitted with adequate cross ventilation preventing condensation or sweating of the structure. Following careful installation the roof is finished off with plasterboard and two coat skim finish. When dried, the customer can then apply a decorative finish. This type of finish offers a customer the very best insulation values along with a finish that really brings the room to being part of the house once again.

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