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Led Lighting

Benefits of LED’s in your conservatory


We will only ever use LED lighting on our installations these are the reasons why.

With energy costs continuing to rise homeowners are continually trying to find ways of reducing there energy bills. In short LED lighting will save you money, reduce carbon emissions and maintenance costs.

Current lighting is hugely inefficient

Halogen bulbs used in most homes is an inefficient and energy hungry way to light an area. The efficiency of these bulbs is only around the 5% mark while using 50 watts of power. This means is that 95% of the power consumed by a halogen bulb is used for heat… not light!. LED lighting reverses this and is 95% efficient while using between only 3 and 6 Watts – the money you spend on electricity actually lights your home.

A key benefit of LEDs is the cost savings, up to 92% savings on running costs and also the low maintenance aspect. LEDs on average will last approximately 11 years giving consistently good quality, low cost light. LED lighting does not flicker or require a warm up. They operate well in low temperatures and will not be affected by frequent on/off switching. LED lighting is also cool to touch.


Natural light

LEDs produce a bright and clear light which makes everyday tasks at night a lot easier. they come in a choice of warm White or daylight.

Eco Lighting Benefits:

  • Energy efficient
  • Extremely Long Lasting
  • Low Maintenance
  • Bright


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